Gordon Smith & Kyle Gray – Beyond the Veil

Dear All,

Sometimes in life it can feel like you’re completely alone with your worries and fears, but the truth is that Spirit are with you all the time! I recently sat down with my good friend, the angel expert Kyle Gray, in Glasgow to share five facts about Spirit which Kyle didn’t know, and I’d like to share those five facts with you as well in this video: Click here

Kyle and I are going to be running a one-day workshop together in London on March 11th, where I’ll help you connect with Sprit…etc. etc. Early Bird tickets available now! Simply click on this flyer …………

Psychic & Spiritual Cruise 2017




Join Gordon Smith, Billy Cook, Anne Thomas and the FocusTravel team for this incredible cruise experience onboard P&O Ventura – exclusive to Focus Travel clients.
Join us for the 3rd year for our incredible SPIRIT & DESTINY psychic cruise featuring the amazing talents of Gordon Smith, Anne Thomas and Billy Cook.
Sailing and returning to Southampton – we sail to Amsterdam to Amsterdam where we enjoy an included excursion discovering this incredible City by Canal and where you’ll be able to get off the ship and explore the local shopping before returning for our afternoon workshops and platform shows. Ventura also stays overnight in Amsterdam for those that wish to explore Amsterdam at night.
Departing Amsterdam we sail to Bruges for a quick shop for chocolate and to explore this Historic City before once again returning to the ship for further workshops and platform shows.
Spiritual workshops, healing, mixing with spiritual friends makes this the perfect cruise for those interested in the Psychic World and a great introduction to the world of Cruising.


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