Hailed as “Britain’s most accurate medium” Gordon has been featured in numerous television documentaries including the BBC’s Everyman, "Mediums: Talking With the Dead" 3 part series as well as appearing as an expert guest on various shows such as This Morning, Richard and Judy and the BBC's Heaven and Earth. Gordon has also presented one of the nation's favourite paranormal shows, Living TV's 'Most Haunted', as well as his own series on the Biography Channel. He even managed to find the time to squeeze in a cameo in a Jacki Collins movie, Paris Connections!

He has travelled to many parts of the world to appear before audiences, read for many celebrities, and written numerous books, including Spirit Messenger and The Unbelievable Truth, which have been published to critical acclaim. Gordon has written regular columns for newspapers such as the Daily Record, Take A Break magazine and Best magazine.

From early childhood Gordon had the ability to see, sense and hear spirit people. As a young boy his ability often unnerved those around him and so he learned to close his mind to these experiences.

Through his teenage years he pushed his abilities into the background of his awareness and lived a very average teenage life. He pursued his passion for gymnastics until he was 19. He was good enough to be selected for the Scottish Commonwealth Games squad. It wasn’t until he was 24, when a friend’s brother appeared at his bedside in the middle of the night that these gifts were re-awakened. He later learned that the brother had died that night in a tragic fire. Gordon went with his friend to a spiritualist church, during the service he was told that he would one day be speaking from the ‘platform’. This was the start of over 15 years of study and practice as Gordon went on to develop his outstanding abilities as a medium or messenger from the spirit world under the tutelage of some of the great legends of the spiritualist church. He developed in a mediumship circle run by the extraordinary Mrs. Primrose, an inspirational figure in Scottish spiritualism and became a close friend of the legendary Albert Best, who is widely acknowledged as one of be best mediums of the last century.

Many years on Gordon Smith is now one of the world’s top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the UK. Having spent 15 years balancing his work as an internationally renowned medium with his day job, as a barber in his native Glasgow, Gordon now conducts mediumship workshops and events around the world. Gordon’s Celtic charm and lively demonstrations provide his audience with a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship, which he delivers to his audience with a mix of his distinctive style of humour, pure passion, and empathy to others.

'Hailed as the UK's most accurate medium' The Daily Mail

'Gordon Smith is down to earth about his heavenly talents' The Sunday Telegraph

'There is no doubt for me that he is the real deal. His accuracy had the hairs standing up on the back of my head.' Woman's Own

'There is nothing ambiguous about the messages Gordon conveys.' The Daily Mail

'Gordon's gift was to soothe the grief of the heartbroken, to give them hope.' The Guardian

'Amazing' Time Out

'Gordon provides exact names, addresses, events and descriptions sharply relevant to a person's life and the lives of those they have known.'

Prof. Archie E Roy, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy, Glasgow University

'I first met Gordon at a party – no surprise there – in Glasgow many years ago. Since then, not only have we met regularly on a professional basis, he cuts the remaining strands of my hair, but I have also got to know him well enough to call him a friend. The talent Gordon has been blessed with is something most of us can hardly believe, but to see and hear of the help he has given to others in easing their pain is surely  his greatest gift. He's also a reasonable barber!'

Ally McCoist

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